B&D Tuning-Racing

B&D Tuning-Racing has formed over ten years ago, being a passion before it became an obsession, to create lightweight body parts for racing cars.

At first we tried to create lighter parts than the originals, but now we are testing and developing to create lighter than even what we’ve done so far.

We try to keep the materials updated to anything that the market has to offer. But as well, we are still manufacturing body parts in fiberglass, and carbon fiber, so the manufacturing costs won’t be enormous for our faithful customers.

Our experience is always pushing us to perfection, and our main goal is to see our clients satisfied and winning races, with the help from our lightweight parts.

The composite materials that we are using, are top of the line, as well our equipment and other materials. We always put a big price on quality, which in many cases, can be life saving.